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Wedding Videography Services  Starting at $1299

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...a day to remember

Wedding videography does a wonderful job of documenting and telling the story of your big day. It captures the great live shots of your wedding so you can look back on them and remember your special day. Video is everything photography is not. A video is able to capture all the sights and sounds; from your heartfelt vows to the best man's speech. Hearing & watching your first dance live again is a moment precious in itself. We'll even find grandma dancing like a pro on the dance floor, and everyone in your families going crazy. Our video is able to capture all of these moments and more.

What Our Video Packages Include

...endless memories to relive

All of our video packages cover your ceremony and reception filmed by our professional experienced videographers. We offer numerous video options too: High Definition filming, slow motion highlight reels, DVD or Blu-Ray disk copies, photo montages of childhood or honeymoon pictures, bride home coverage and more. Tell us what you are looking for; we can custom design you a video package if you'd like. See our Video Package page for more details & pricing.

Our Wedding Videographers's all about the vision behind the scenes

The Wedding Studio videographers not only have years of wedding experience, but they also have the passion & vision to document your special day. We only hire the best wedding videographers; personable, friendly and talented. (Sorry Uncle Joe, but you can't film our brides' weddings.) We encourage our bridal couples to talk with their videographer before the wedding to discuss the important details and timelines of the wedding day. You will also talk about the editing music selections and titles to be used. Plus we always have some helpful advice from all our experience.

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